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Best Innovation and Technology – Searefico

As a company that prides itself on being small enough to listen, but big enough to deliver, Searefico has been trusted to work on numerous notable projects in Vietnam. This list includes the Banyan Tree Laguna Resort near Danang and Gateway Thao Dien Luxury Apartments. In every one of the firm’s endeavours, it strives to innovate and use the most advanced technology to ensure the happiness of its clients.

Searefico won Best Innovation and Technology at The Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2017 for its unwavering commitment to applying cutting-edge technology into its production methods. This can be found in all of the company’s efforts that include civil and industrial construction works; design, supply, construction and installation of M&E and industrial refrigeration systems; and M&E services and solutions.

Updating to newer and advanced technologies and investing in green, clean and environmentally friendly technology isn’t simply a marketing ploy. It is something that inspires the company’s goals that it has set for itself and employees. These goals include:

1) Maintaining the highest quality of products

2) Ensuring customers benefit from their products

3) Fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations to the community and society

In order for Searefico to meet its lofty aims, the company has continually invested in the best and most advanced technologies for all of its different business focuses. It was one of the first companies in Vietnam to proactively manufacture and install energy saving equipment for its customers that allowed them to reduce energy consumption.

It has implemented 3D – 5D Building Information Modelling, Enterprise Resource Planning and Methods of Statement technology in recent years. It has also been at the forefront of refrigeration technology, applying everything from cyclopentane-based technology to the Minimum Energy System. These have simultaneously allowed organisations to save money while minimising their environmental impact.

Like all great organisations, Searefico is always looking to innovate. It doesn’t try to rest on its past achievements, which are numerous and impressive. In order to continue to be a pioneer when it comes to innovation and technology in Vietnam, the company has a number of Research & Development departments that are constantly looking at ways to improve upon existing products and techniques and create new ones that offer even greater benefits.

Winning Best Innovation and Technology at The Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2017 is among a number of accolades Searefico has garnered in the past few years. The company recorded revenue of more than VND 1.3 trillion last year while exporting its products to India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia.

The firm is now a Gold Member of the Vietnam Green Building Council and is committed to complying with the LOTUS green building standards. Being named in the ‘Top 50 Best Enterprises by Vietnam Report’ and moving up 121 spots in the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam list, the VNR500, are among the honours Searefico have earned recently.

And while Searefico has developed a reputation as being Vietnam’s innovation and technology leader, the company has its sights set on finding new ways it can improve. The firm’s desire to create sustainable development that allows clients and the environment to benefit is a noble cause. Additionally, Searefico has become one of the best working environments in Vietnam and it is a company people want to be associated with.

When a person sees Searefico is working on a construction development or a project in any of its other areas expertise, they know it will feature the absolute best technology and cutting-edge innovation. This isn’t just a promise; it’s something that can be seen at all of the developments Searefico has worked on from Vinhomes Central Park – Landmark 1 to the JW Marriott Phu Quoc, Pearl Plaza.

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