What are the benefits of staying at a serviced apartment?

benefits of staying at a serviced apartment
Serviced apartments provide more space than hotel rooms while being more flexible on contract length than condos

Somewhere between condominiums and hotels is the humble serviced apartment. While these have been around for a long time, this type of residential real estate can be overlooked by those searching for a place to stay in a new city.

However, serviced apartments are undoubtedly a good option for those who find themselves away from home for a period of 1-5 months. Being in a hotel for that long is hardly ideal while most landlords won’t consider condo rentals of less than six months.

This isn’t to say they are for everyone. But the benefits of staying at a serviced apartment are worth considering should you need a place to rent for a few months.

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What are the benefits of staying at a serviced apartment?


Standard hotel rooms can feel cramped after a few days while larger ones or suites are going to cost a lot. Of all the benefits of staying at a serviced apartment, the extra space they afford is the one people appreciate most.

Daily living essentials

Most serviced apartments feature a kitchen, washing machine and other daily living essentials that help you lead a normal life. It is not as good as being at home, but at least you know the basics are covered.

Truly fully furnished

In the world of condos, fully furnished can mean any number of different things. However, you will almost always find yourself needing to go out and buy something that is likely to be discarded once it’s time to go home. Serviced apartments ensure you have everything, including little items like cutlery, during your stay.


As the name suggests, serviced apartments come with some services. These differ but things like housekeeping and even breakfast are usually offered. The frequency of the former does vary with weekly now being standard at most properties.

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